Landscape Lighting Design and Installation Services

 We Must First Answer the Question... Why Light?

Boyd Lighting Designs strength is that it offers clients a Design Based approach. We consider it our responsibility as designers to capture your ideas and concerns about your lighting. A part of that process is helping to identify the look or feeling you wish to experience while viewing the different areas of your property. Some areas call for very subtle lighting while other areas call for a bold and dramatic tone for the space.

Our Lighting Design Process

Once we have a good understanding of the clients desires and expectations, and a budget for the project is determined, we continue with the following steps of the design process.

  1. A lighting concept is developed
  2. The landscape and architecture are evaluated for lighting opportunities.
  3. Decisions are made as to what, and how to illuminate. Special care is taken to bring attention to the safety and security issues as well as the aesthetic goals for each project.  Maintenance considerations and planning at this stage are key to the long term success of the lighting system.
  4. Lamps first, then fixtures, are chosen that accomplish the goals and requirements of the project design.

"The crucial step which determines the
long term enjoyment or eventual failure
of your new lighting system is determined by the
QUALITY of the installation.  Choose Wisely!"  
Jim Boyd 

Installation of Landscape Lighting Equipment

We follow the recommended “Best Practices” as detailed in the “AOLP Standards of Installation” for low voltage landscape lighting systems.  We believe our focus and attention to detail, at every level, is essential to our continued success.  

In 2004, Jim Boyd was the first individual in Texas to become a Certified Low Voltage Lighting Technician (CLVLT #0409) and personally oversees each installation.

Enjoy and Entertain with Your New Lighting System

With your new outdoor lighting system installed, all that is left is to add night time enjoyment to your schedule. Your nights will be transformed into a peaceful soft light where you can watch your children play, entertain a few guests or just relax and enjoy the quiet evening under the stars - the choice is yours to make.

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